This policy/procedure provides all students and staff information on the ability to apply for a refund of tuition, training or assessment fees in certain circumstances.
The following policy provides notification in advance to ensure all Students are treated fairly and with integrity when applying for refunds.
Any application or request for a refund of any fee amount paid in advance, must be made in writing addressed to MIBT National Administration sent via email to;
Consideration of requests for any refund will be solely at the discretion of MIBT National Administration or their delegate, in accordance with this policy;


This policy applies to all fees and refunds applicable to all pre-enrolment, enrolment, registration, training, assessment, qualifications, skill sets, units or other training programs


It is the policy of Masters in Building Training to have fair and reasonable financial dealings with all clients and students.

MIBT will not require a prospective or current learner to prepay fees in excess of a total of $1500 (being the threshold prepaid fee amount), in advance of either the commencement of training or any current stage of training or assessment delivery.

Payment for any course, training or assessment does not guarantee a successful outcome, or any issuance of a certificate, or successful application for any industry licence.
MIBT will clearly identify the amount applicable for tuition, training &/or assessment and any materials or other fees, as well as the timeframes for payments;
A refund will only be considered to the value of any portion of the course that has not been opened or commenced by the Student.

The initial quote or price presented by MIBT to a prospective Student is based on the information provided by the Student. The price for training &/or assessment may vary during the course, if the amount of training requested by the Student, or the proportion of training versus RPL assessment varies during the course.

Prices quoted by MIBT include pre-enrolment administration elements, including but not limited to; application processing, capturing and verifying Student identification, applying for any relevant funding, language, literacy and numeracy testing and marking and establishment of a training plan. The initial amount of $500.00 paid at the time of enrolment covers the provision of these pre-enrolment services. In the case of a short or single unit course it may constitute the total fee. The initial payment however is not considered a prepayment of training or assessment fees. A refund of the initial payment made at the time of enrolment may therefore only be applied for where;
a) The application for a refund is received within fourteen days of payment and
b) The Student has not commenced the course or commenced any units
In any instance where fees have not been paid in advance, Masters in Building Training reserves the right to withhold Certification documents until all applicable fees are received.

Replacement of Parchments/Testamurs
A fee of $25.00 for an original parchment. Please note that a request for a parchment a may entail a higher cost at some point in the future.

Classroom based courses
Failure to commence a course or notify of absence will result in the full fee being due for any days missed, including for all materials and consumables that may have been provisioned.
Circumstances such as illness and traumatic events will be considered as Exceptional Circumstances for refund purposes. Learners will be required to provide evidence to support claims of exceptional circumstance e.g.; Illness and accident – (Doctor’s certificate) or family crisis.
Classroom programs may be changed or cancelled due to low registrations or other reasons which are out of the control of Masters in Building Training. Reasonable notice of cancellation including an offer to transfer to another program within six (6) weeks of the original course will be given to students. If Masters in Building Training cannot honour the transfer within the six (6) week period and the student prefers, Masters in Building Training will refund the full payment made in advance.


Any application or request for a refund of any fee amount paid in advance, must be made in writing addressed to MIBT National Administration sent via email to;
Where a refund is determined to be payable:
• Once the National Administration has given permission for a refund, the administration staff will notify Accounts for a refund to be issued.
• Copy of refund details to be placed in student’s file and/or contact log.