Dante Valentinis
March 20, 2019
Francis Garrido
March 20, 2019

Andrew Nathan Vocke

Location: TAS

Experience: 1 to 2 years

Apprenticeship Preference: Carpentry,Landscaping,Pool Building

    A little bit about me...

    My name is Andrew Vocke, I'm 34 years old and am looking at a meaningful career change. I arrived back to Australia almost a year ago after spending several years working and travelling overseas. In that time I worked in Emergency services, both paid an volunteer, charity work, as well as youth instruction and mentoring. To supplement income, I worked in an office in design and software, but found this incredibly unrewarding. I want to be out, making a difference, helping and mentoring people. I'd very much be open to additional certifications as required, even traineeships / adult apprenticeships. I love being outside, working with my hands, landscaping, horticulture, helping people, mentoring, even aged care work. I'd love to get additional licenses such as truck and forklift, but I would also love to re-take my advanced responder certification - It's still current until 2020, but I did not receive additional documentation when I re-certified with the fire department overseas. I'd like to sincerely thank you for your time, effort and consideration.