Coen Gregory Hopkins
December 30, 2018
Kaleb Dean William Hegarty
December 31, 2018

Blake Dibben

Location: NSW Central Coast

Experience: Less than one year

    A little bit about me...

    I have a WorkCover National WHS General Construction Induction Training (White Card) I have undertaken a range of work experience including: Gosford City Maintenance, Timber milling, Assisting Excavator operator, Power tools, Yard maintenance PWC plumbing, Mick Neil Electrical, I recently commenced employment part time with McDonalds at Erina Fair September 2018 while waiting to start apprenticeship. Finished Year 10 -  St Edward High School Subjects -  Construction, Timber work, Industrial Graphics, Maths, Science, PDH PE,  English, Religion, HSIE Computer Skills       Microsoft word     Microsoft PowerPoint      Internet & Email During my last 4 years of high school career I have been attending St Edwards Catholic College East Gosford. During this time I have been achieving good results in timber work, industrial graphics and construction as my three electives. I have a real passion for the trade industry, I believe that I would be successful in this area of employment as this is what I enjoy. I have undertaken construction at school and my construction teacher who was previously in construction prior to teaching it advised that he believes I would excel in any of the trades. I would like to undertake an apprenticeship as this type of trade interests me.  My teacher also discussed this with my parents at a school interview and advised I have a positive attitude and initiative for my age is well established and I should definitely pursue this avenue. My family and I have always lived on a rural property and I have always been involved with building and maintenance.  We have a small firewood business and I help with the chain sawing, mechanical wood splitting. I have worked assisting my father with his Lucas saw milling and dressing timber.  I have assisted in the construction of horse stables, chicken coops, building a horse riding arena, bike jumps and rural fencing. I have undertaken some excavator instruction for earth works on our property under supervision also. I have been using hand tools and power tools for several years as part of my school electives and at home on our rural property.  Some of the tools I am competent with are electric drill, chain saws, drop saws, belt sanders, grinders and most hand tools.  Maintenance on our property has given me experience using most tools regularly.  I have lived on the property all my life and these skills have been a regular part of my life and it is what I enjoy. For my age I have a reasonable amount of experience  through construction at school and have always assisted on our property.  I have also assisted my father on landscaping projects with timber and sandstone within his company