Ethan Black
April 16, 2019
Michael Blanca
April 16, 2019

David Roffey

Location: Sydney South

Experience: No previous building work

Apprenticeship Preference: Bricklaying,General,Landscaping

    A little bit about me...

    My Name is David, I moved to Sydney in September 2018 on a partnership visa which gives me full working and living rights in Australia. I am here for the long term and I want to grow in the working Sydney environment. I’m a team player, will always put 100% into every job I do and work in a team to get the tasks done right. My whole working life has been doing customer service; so I know how to talk to people, will be respectful, professional and represent the company in a smart manor. I have a lot of experience in the customer service industry, for example: • A Hotel in Italy working as an all-rounder (serving drinks, pool maintenance, cleaning the rooms) • One of the Area leaders in charge of the London 2012 Olympic stadium jobs included (Coordinating volunteers, keeping the building secure, dealing with customer questions and complaints, dealing with the press, being responsible for over 10,000 people) • A scuba instructor in Sydney and my every day jobs were (speaking to students from various countries in classroom, selling gear, trips, courses, cleaning all the gear, being responsible for their lives while out at dive sites) • Adventure island Theme park in the United Kingdom, my job was a cashier and I had to cross sell/ upsell various rides and experiences available at the park, answer customers, questions, queries, complaints, sell the wristbands and tickets. All have of these jobs have required a lot of responsibility and challenges for which I love. I am a very keen learner always wanting to grow and try new things and to manly do a great job.