Lachlan Hart-Crowden
June 16, 2019
Jake Potter-Daniels
June 17, 2019

Harrison Freeman

Location: NSW New England Region, Tamworth

Experience: No previous building work

Apprenticeship Preference: Carpentry

    A little bit about me...

    14th June 2019 Dear sir, madam I would like to be considered for a carpentry apprenticeship position advertised by your company. I am a very keen hardworking and enthusiastic individual genuinely interested in obtaining a long-term career in the building and carpentry industry. I am passionate to work alongside licensed builders / carpenters and have the willingness to develop / gain the knowledge and expertise required in the building and construction industry. I am currently attending Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School in Tamworth NSW. I have been a full-time boarder since commencing high school in year 7 up until currently attending year 11. Living away from home has enabled me to gain maturity and confidence to be an independent member of my school and communities. I am currently completing subjects such as woodwork and engineering at school to assist me in obtaining the educational foundation for my construction industry career goal. I currently participate in several sporting and representative teams for my school and region. I have gained recent selection in the high school boys school cup football team, northwest regional and greater western tigers’ representative football teams. I have exceptional physical fitness with the ability to undertake manual labour for extended periods with good hand-to-eye coordination attribution that will enable me to work to fine detail and succeed in my deep passion in the building trade to produce quality craftmanship as a safe confident worker that enjoys working outdoors. I can follow instructions and communicate effectively well with others. I have a good work ethic and a punctual nature. I have demonstrated these characteristics in sporting teams, school and voluntary work within the community attending salvation army red shield appeal events and working with younger children’s sporting teams. My recent work experience reports also demonstrate these required qualities being adhered to and being attended to at a high level of standard. I obtain a current P1 driver’s license, reliable own transport vehicle and OHS white card with a willingness to travel and relocate for a position and opportunity to undertake employment as an apprentice carpenter. My home town of Wee Waa in NSW has little to offer in employment in the building industry and limited vacancies for employment due to the ongoing devastating drought situation. My rural upbringing has exposed me to good mechanical skills and ability to use a variety of tools along with early exposure to labour work commitment by assisting in the farming and contracting family business and working with a local electrician on a casual employment basis on weekends and school holidays. My resume is enclosed with this letter. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Yours sincerely Harrison Freeman