Joshua Roberts
May 25, 2019
Adam Tonkin
May 27, 2019

Jack Buckley

Location: QLD Gold Coast

Experience: Less than one year

Apprenticeship Preference: Wall & Ceiling Lining

A little bit about me...

I'm a keen 18 year old labourer and have recently discontinued working for my previous employer. With 4 months experience in my 1st year plastering I'm keen on continuing my apprenticeship. I'm hands on, work well with others and always motivated to get a good job done. In the previous 4 months I've learnt many skills in sheeting, setting and sanding and have developed a strong work ethic and a passion for the gyprock trade. I have stools, stilts and all my own setting tools, nail bag etc. I'm living in northern NSW and have a reliable car and drivers licence and am willing to travel anywhere for work, as well as being able to work overtime and weekends if needed.