Matthew Cashion
April 12, 2019
Kyle Mahoney
April 12, 2019

Nicholas Moog

Location: NSW North West Region

Experience: Less than one year

Apprenticeship Preference: Carpentry

    A little bit about me...

    I am passionate about the building industry and I am trying hard to gain Apprenticeship in Carpentry. Top of my class at school in woodwork & Cert II in Construction At TAFE. My teachers have commended me on my workmanship E.G made a bed for myself with detailed workmanship. I live in Central West NSW (Mudgee) and have tried my hardest for apprenticeship to no avail. My Job provider and TAFE teacher have also tried but builders in my area are not taking on apprentices in carpentry. I did gain work with BUILDIQUE HERITAGE & RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION with Mr Brad Sibley doing Heritage and restoration construction but the work ran out and I am now unemployed. I worked for Brad 6 months and hoped he would put me on an apprenticeship, but unfortunately he was unable to. My work ethic is very good and I never missed a day with BUILDIQUE, I am prepared to move to Sydney or Newcastle as I have family in those areas who I can reside with. I have a licence and reliable car and take pride in my work. If given the chance, I will not let an employer down and feel I would be an asset to their business.