Brock Crane
January 9, 2019
Aaron Patrick Smith
January 9, 2019

Samuel Schutt

Location: QLD Western Downs

Experience: No previous building work

    A little bit about me...

    I am 17 years old and have just finished year 12 at boarding school in Toowoomba. I'm originally from Dalby and I'm looking to get a job in the building industry ASAP. I have a white card and have worked casually for the past 5 years in my parents fabrication business on the tools in assembly, in the parts store, in the machine room and I have done some welding. What I love the most there is the blokes and banter on the floor while getting the job done. I love playing my guitar, sports and spending time with friends and having a good laugh. I'm really looking to learn new skills and start to experience life and building a career for myself. My career profiling suggested I become an architect or draftee, but I want to start more hands on instead of going to University at this stage. Hoping to hear from someone that thinks I stand out from the crowd ? Thanks Sam