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December 31, 2018
Artug Dalcik
January 1, 2019

Sean James Roy Jackson

Location: NSW Central Coast

Experience: No previous building work

    A little bit about me...

    I have spent my time since high school focusing on an academic career studying art and design at university. However, I always seem to be more content in the wood and metal workshops making something, than of having my head stuck in a book of theory. I guess I am more of a practical person. I have both a full motorcycle and full manual drivers licence with a very clean record. I have never had an accident either with 15 years of driving experience. I grew up out west nsw on farms.  I am the type of person who focuses on quality over quantity. I have an eye for detail and I’d rather take my time in doing something right than in rushing and causing a problem. My current situation is that I have just finished studying a masters degree at university and my wife is now pregnant with our first child. It’s obvious I can’t support a family as an artist or designer so I am now looking for a stable career. I don’t have extensive experience in the work industry as I have primarily focused on my studies. However, I desire to get some real world experience, a trade. I want to start going in a successful direction.