Nicolas Jooste
January 28, 2019
Nathan Brkic
January 29, 2019

Tavake Finefeuiaki

Location: Sydney South West

Experience: Less than one year

Apprenticeship Preference: Carpentry

    A little bit about me...

    As an eager and hard working individual, I am very interested in applying for this carpentry apprenticeship. I can speak in front of a large audience. I have done this many times at school, church and functions. I have a good team work ethic, developed from many experiences in school during classroom experiences, school and club sports and also through work with my Dad. I am very interested in building, construction of things, and I am going to further this through an Apprenticeship I would be happy to further my hard work and determination, with working for a building company, also gaining knowledge and helping others get the job done.