Kaidan Stanley
March 11, 2019
Nathan Fox
March 11, 2019

Thomas Bewley

Location: ACT

Experience: No previous building work

Apprenticeship Preference: Carpentry

    A little bit about me...

    I am a keen worker with good work ethics. I like to be on time and have things to do. I have just spent 4 weeks working with HIA but unfortunately they could not secure me permanent fulltime employment. I have CIT on Wednesdays 8am to 3.30pm. I enjoy working in the building industry and am reasonably strong. My hobbies are scootering at the skate park and meeting up with friends. I do not drink and drive or have late nights on work nights, I am keen to settle down in  long term employment. I am focused on what I do and this includes work. I am very keen to start as soon as possible in the ACT area.