Alex Davidson
February 18, 2019
Jessica Gray
February 18, 2019

William Mcgarvey

Location: QLD Gold Coast

Experience: No previous building work

Apprenticeship Preference: Bricklaying,Carpentry,General,Landscaping,Pool Building,Solid Plastering,Waterproofing

    A little bit about me...

    I am 28 years old looking to start an adult apprenticeship as I am wanting a career change and new direction to strive for. Becoming a qualified and skilled tradesman had always been a dream of mine, but becoming a father at 19 meant I was no longer in a position financially to undertake any such role. Fortunately for myself I was able to get a start as a water blaster cleaning inside of shipping containers and pressure cleaning AQIS machinery and imported material out on the Port of Brisbane. It was not exactly what I had saw myself ever doing and it wasn't a job I would brag about to anyone but even then, not even 20 years old I knew that it wasn't about me and I had to do what I needed to in order to provide for this young family I was now apart of. It was a dirty and hard job, but I wouldn't complain because I knew this wouldn't define me and that I had more to offer. I would watch the operators in the Container parks and got to know a few guys who worked in the offices out there and that started a desire in me to go as far as I could working in shipping and transport on the ports. Fast forward 10 years, I became one of the youngest Operations and Logistics bosses in the industry, worked interstate to assist in company expansion, learnt multiple diverse rolls within the administration and operational sectors and was the first person in Australia to use, trial and approve Maximus Operating systems. This is now industry wide and used right across the country as the only system used in shipping container parks. I applied myself and dedicated everything I could have to become the best I could be in that industry, and almost would look at my career with tunnel vision because the end goal meant I had to strive and be disciplined enough to achieve it, but it was never the type of job I really ever wanted. I wanted to build things. I wanted to fix things. I wanted to use my hands and the different kinds of tools out there. I am now in a position where dedicating myself and time toward an apprenticeship is possible and so I have to give myself every opportunity to obtain that.